The good about giving up. 

I want to be one of those patient and dedicated slow-pour coffee types, I really do.

I admire anyone who can take  precious extra minutes waiting for their fine, fresh brew. I even bought one of those tiny one cup pour-over cone shaped thingies since I drink alone in the mornings. And I tried, I did. I attempted a bleary-eyed dribbling of the hot water kettle into the cone of grounds–for about 5 seconds before I said “oh poop” and poured enough water to fill the cone and drip into my large mug. Morning is not my friend, and Slow applies to me in the hours before 10 a.m. but it dare not apply to my coffee. (And I use a paper filter to make it easy to clean up! Sacrilege, right?)

My friend Susy (author of the marvelous blog Animalia) and I laughed over this the other day. Her son is one of those who is gifted in Slow-Pouredness. I on the other hand know exactly how many times I can fill the paper cone of grounds with fast-pour kettle water for each mug I own. Oddly, I am okay with this. I accept there are many things that I will never be gifted in.

I will never be: naturally thin, naturally tidy, naturally energetic. I will never naturally feel my age. BUT I will always: laugh–often at embarrassingly inappropriate times–and believe the best in others, and love my family and friends ferociously.

The Lies in my bones have often told me I should Fail In Nothing. The Lies in my bones have said that who I am will Never be Enough. Oddly and unexpectedly, I am slowly learning that I quite like the imperfect and complicated person I am. That I can choose to grow or choose to be stagnant (by the way, I choose Grow. It’s more interesting.)

So what if I’m never thin? What if I can never be a successful slow-pourer, or even be desirous of becoming one? We all have our strengths and weaknesses, the things we feel passionate about and the things that we strive to succeed at that don’t really matter.

Today I will: celebrate what makes me unique–my passion for words, love of laughter, and ferocious love of those God has brought into my life for good and growth. I will celebrate the crazy and colorful (and possibly untidy) collage of books and dishes and art that surrounds me in my space and makes me smile.

The BringYourOwnBeverage conversation: What success are you striving for that honestly doesn’t make that big a difference in your life and you could quit wasting that time? What will you celebrate about yourself today/this week/this month that the world may look at as Less Than? What might happen if you saw your reflection and smiled instead of judged?

Till next time!


  1. I love this! And as I sit in my messy apartment, needed it today. I also love hearing your laugh – we need to see you (because I know my girls would love to meet you!)
    My success that I strive for and. Red to let go is being the “perfect mom”. I say yes to too much and then I am stretched thin. I need to give up the idea that I can do everything! I may never be skinny, I can aim for being healthy 😁

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    • You said before that you’re flexible, and I think that makes you a lovely (if not “perfect”) mom! You’ll always be open to them by not being some super-clean, super-organized robo-mom. And I’d love to see all of you! And doing Everything is just stupid. Lol!


  2. Perfect timing for this blog! This week my daughter has been teaching me about Body Positivity. Even though I’m happy with “going flat,” after a bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction, I still worry about what other people might think of my shape. Heather said, “Mom, your generation worries too much about how you look. It shouldn’t matter, as long as you’re comfortable within yourself.” I have greatly appreciated the encouragement from her and now you, to enjoy the perfectly imperfect me that I am.

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  3. I will never be able to keep my eyes from closing when they get saturated by bright light. This is something that I have always been self-conscious about. (And this is the first time I’ve admitted it.) I can live without colors, but the eye-closing thing drives me crazy. Thank you for reminding me to embrace everything that makes me unique.

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