Trauma: zero, Me: A gazillion.

I bought a vacuum.

Not a huge accomplishment. Nothing to write home about. Not worth a segment on the 6:o’clock news.

But for me? HUGE.


Yes, I have vacuumed before…for yeeears. Admittedly I could have vacuumed a lot more in my fifty-seventeen years, but still—I have vacuumed.

I’ve vacuumed apartments I’ve rented. Houses I’ve co-owned. But this, a house, tiny though it may be, a house of my choosing only, an overcoming of Fear, a product of my budgeting? Momentous!

I could easily get hung up on the other details—that I alone am responsible for appliances that break, for things that go bump in the night, all the details that previously would have had the loudest voices in this venture.

But I’m actually healing! Learning to believe in myself, learning to heed the instincts God gave me.

Trauma does not get to win.

Fear does not get to win.

So I bought a vacuum.

Love yourself. Honor your feelings. You’re worth it.


  1. You bought a vacuum and a house! And you showed me how much I needed a vacuum when you vacuumed my rugs, so I bought the exact same model!

    I’ll miss having you around here as much. I’ve gotten used to you being with me 24/7 these past 5 months. But I’m soooo happy for you, and we have many more adventures to come don’t we?!



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