Redefining Weird: one of these is not like the others

I usually get a cautiously startled response when I tell someone I have an obsession with Doctor Radio on SeriusXM. Then I think “I shouldn’t have said that, maybe–now they probably think I’m weird.”

BUT–does that make me weird? If “weird” means “something specific to an individual” then we probably all are weird. Just because I’ve learned more things than I needed to know about what can go wrong with the male anatomy, or the insights of professionals on children under the age of 12 “heading” the ball in soccer, does that make me odd or simply better informed about useless-to-me medical information?

I also have an obsession with real estate sites–Zillow, and Trulia all coexist happily on my phone. I can give you a decent overview on rental and purchase amounts of apartments and houses in a good portion of the San Francisco East Bay area. (Yep, it’s crazy out there!) I’ve always loved looking at houses, in fact when my kids were young we would go peruse the new housing developments going up. Now I can look at houses on my phone standing in line at the grocery store, and how great is that?

I also have a fondness for triple numbers, like when someone’s license plate contains 333 or 999, or my phone says “5:55.” When my birthday was on Oh Nine Oh Nine Oh Nine I was over the moon! SO GREAT! (Yeah, another time people looked at me like I was strange when I tried to get them equally excited.)

A good friend has commented that she’s trying to let go of the lie that she’s weird. She’s kind and funny and talented, and happily shares pie with me. if that equals weird, I’ll take it!

My favorite people would fit the Sesame Street song One of these things is not like the other. (But in a good way, of course!)

What I will do for myself today: Today I will listen for the lie in my head that says my differences are bad and wrong, and recognize how those particular differences actually make me unique, and often bring me joy. I want to be seen and recognizable, and I won’t be if I’m just like everyone else.

The BringYourOwnBeverageConversation: What do you call yourself “weird” for? What of those things bring you happiness? What makes you unique?









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