When Hello Means Goodbye

The Lies In Our Bones

The recent storms in the South sparked this idea. And often opening to the new means letting go of the old– amidst a storm of feelings.


(She Said) Grief

                    (she said)
grief comes in gusts
like the wind
breaking limbs
and grief it comes hard
like a flood
picking up
garbage and houses
and autos and cows
grief when it’s sweeping’s
like storms

                    (she said)
pain in my middle
my soul’s
bleeding out
a guitar with no strings
and no arms
left to hold
a bird with no song
and no limb left
for rest
this pain in my middle’s
no heart
in my chest

                    (she said)
grief’s a tornado
this pain
is my soul
retching and heaving
and longing
for home
reaching and heavy
and longing
for home


jle 2022

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