Poeming: Note to Self

Photo by Michelle on Unsplash


I’d like to stop thinking for a few minutes just 

a few minutes would give me some space in

my head gets jumbled so easily with too many 

thoughts and questions and sticky bits from

last night’s dream of maybe I will publish some

thing this year I’ll be how old on my next birth

day then It’s Christmas time is running out to 

write that poem don’t cough this direction you

sound like you have a cold did I go past the re

frigerator section for the cheese for tonight’s 

dinner but I’m in line and don’t want to lose my

mind is just racing but if I could just    stop   

for      a     few    minutes       and      b r e a t h e

IN     out    I N    out    I N     out    I   N         o  u    t

I     N           o     u      t            I        N             o      u        t

j     u    s      t           b       r       e        a        t        h         e . . . . .

Jle 2019

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